Applied Science number nine, Mayhem Ex Machina, went in today. Three left, and #10, Instrument of Science, is the slightly revised original, so there’s only two I need to work and I have two months before the first of them is due.
That really frees up time. Next month I hope to throw in some short story work unrelated to Applied Science and get a fresh start on Brain From Outer Space. Not that the series hasn’t been fun, but I’m itchy for new things.
We’ll see how that works out in practice.
And here’s the latest crop of eHows.
•How to Raise Capital for Starting a Small Business
•How to Start a Cheesecake Business
•How to Report Bankruptcy to the IRS
•How to Present a Successful Appeal for Reduction of Property Tax to the Local Board of Review
•Do I Have to File Schedule C to File Form 8582?
•How to Write an Effective Small Business Plan
•The Impact of Outsourcing HR
•How Much Can a Wage Garnishment Take From Your Paycheck?
•Chapter 13 Facts in Michigan
•How to Contest a Quitclaim Deed in Massachusetts
•Can Credit Card Companies Attach a Lien on a Private Home?
•How to Value Real Property for Chapter 7
•Self Employed Taxes & Savings
•Can You Have a Roth IRA and a 401(k) Plan?
•Can Retirees Open a Roth IRA?
• How to File Chapter 7 in Pennsylvania
•Tax Deductions for Doctors
•How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Miami, Florida
•How to Prepare & File Bankruptcy for Free
•How to Understand Good Faith Estimates
•How to Do a Chapter 7 Bankrupty in Kentucky Yourself
•Second Mortgage Questions
•How to File Bankruptcy in the State of Kansas
•How to File Bankruptcy in Orlando, Florida on Your Own
•How Long Should I Keep My Records for an IRS Audit?
•How to Claim Bankruptcy in Maine
•How to File for Bankruptcy After You Move to Another State
•How to Claim Disability in Washington State
• What Happens to Dad’s IRA If He Dies?
•Procedures to Fix Identity Theft
•Negotiating Tips & Advice for Lowering Credit Card Debt
•About Quitclaim Deeds in Michigan
•Rules for Using an IRA
•What Is the Difference Between a Trustee & a Settlor on a California Revocable Trust?
•Does Chapter 13 Reduce Debt?
•What Is Discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Texas?
•Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car
•Common Schedule C Deductions
•Laws on Mortgage Short Sales in California
•Pitfalls of Home Owners Insurance
•What Kind of Stuff Can You Claim on Your Taxes?
•How to Deduct Parents As Dependents on Taxes
•What Debt Does Personal Bankruptcy Cover in Florida?

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