Progress report

To Infinity and Beyond—now retitled as Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves—is looking good. I got some feedback from the writing group (I’ll get more next week) and I think it’ll be ready to go by the end of the month. And I’m starting to think how to upgrade Dani’s role in The Brain From Outer Space: I find I want her to have some sort of arc of her own, rather than leave her as just a supporting character.
On the downside, the eHow real-estate project I’ve been working on is coming to an end, which means back to the $15/article work instead of $20. I don’t see a financial problem at the rate I’m going but it is a bit disappointing (there are several other projects but none that I see myself qualified for). I’ll be putting in a little extra time this week to squeeze out the better-paying articles while I can.
So things are going okay … but darn it, I’m fidgety. I want a short story outside of the Applied Science series to sell. Or to get a magazine query or two accepted. Things are going well, but I’m ready for them to go better. That’s the nature of writing, at least for me: Getting too satisfied is counter-productive.
And speaking of eHow, here’s the latest list:
•Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage
•How to Stop Home Foreclosure With Bankruptcy
•Homeowners Association Policies
•Deductions for Home Improvements & a Home Office
•How Do I Get Flood Insurance?
•How Do I Pay Back a Reverse Mortgage?
•How to Dispute a Real Estate Tax Assessment Increase
•FHA Income Qualifications
•How Do I Calculate Ad Valorem?
•How Do I Appeal Real Estate Tax Assessments?
•How Do I Contest Flood Insurance Rate Maps?
•What Happens if You Make an Extra Payment on a Mortgage?
•How do I File Quit Claim Deeds?
•How to Find Good Mortgage Interest Rates
•How to Keep Your House and Equity in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
•How to Understand a Truth-in-Lending Letter
•Life Tenant Rights
•The Percentage of Income to Spend on a Mortgage
•How Do 2nd Mortgages Work?
•What Is the Definition of Land Value?
•How do I Get Rid of My Mortgage Insurance?
•Federal Foreclosure Prevention Program
•How Are Real Estate Taxes Computed?
•What Are the Miminum Income Requirements for FHA Loans?
•How to File a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim
•Define Quit Claim Deed
•How Do Rental Properties Affect the Neighborhood?
•What Happens at a Mortgage Closing?
•How Do I Discharge a Second Mortgage in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
•How to Calculate Fair Market Value of Property in a Divorce
•Three Types of Foreclosures
•Pros & Cons of Paying Cash for a House
•How Do I Avoid the Foreclosure Process?
•Information for a Mortgage Application
•How Do I Compare Refinance Mortgage Rates of Different Lenders?
•Tenants in Common Definition
•How to Transfer a Deed on an Inherited Property
•What If Your Landlord Wants to Change the Rental Agreement?
•How Much Income is Required for a Home Loan?
•Do Landlords Have to Maintain Rented Houses?
•How to Determine the Flood Insurance Rate of Your Home
•California Foreclosure Procedures
•How to File a Law Suit to Stop a Foreclosure
•Do I Have to Pay Property Taxes?
•How Do I Modify a Mortgage to Stop Foreclosure?
•How Can I Legally Break a Real Estate Contract?
•What Liens Are Extinguished by a Mortgage Foreclosure?
•How to Obtain a Property With a Quitclaim Deed
•How Do I Purchase a Home With a Contract for Deed?
•How Do I Check Out the Landlords of Rental Houses?
•California Housing Foreclosure Process
•Tenants Rights & Repairs
•Can the Government Help Me With My Mortgage?

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