TV Shows I’m Watching, One Way or Another

Inuyasha: The Final Act. I’ve always loved the anime series, and I’m delighted to have found the ending season on Hulu. Inuyasha—sit!
Department S. A friend of mine DVDed this old British show for me, about an Interpol department that tackles impossible, baffling cases. It doesn’t work as well as it did when I was a kid—the cases usually end up much more mundane than similar bizarre story openings on The Avengers—but it’s interesting to see again.
Glee. Courtesy of Netflix, I’m watching this from the beginning. Quirky, cynical and entertaining, but not quite funny enough for everything to work the way the similarly cynical Arrested Development did.
The Gates. Watched two episodes of this supernatural soap on Hulu. Too much soap, not enough supernatural.
Eureka. Wonderful to see this again. Funny, imaginative and a great cast of characters.
Coronet Blue. This sixties show about an amnesiac trying to figure out why someone attempted to murder him is entertaining even though the underlying premise doesn’t make much sense (the bad guys find him one episode, then apparently never resume trying to kill him).
Mission Impossible. Fifth season isn’t their strongest, but it’s still entertaining. And I do love the episodes that show the nuts and bolts of their operation—how they build their sets (in the opening episode) and what happens when they have to consider “disavowing” an agent (in “My Friend, My Enemy.”).
Flash Gordon. This animated series from the late seventies isn’t great art, but it is fun and has some of the Alex Raymond comic-strip’s energy (well, a lot of the time).
Honey West. A beautiful blond (Anne Francis) and her male sidekick tackle oddball detective cases in this sixties series. Regrettably it got squeezed out when ABC realized it could import an hour of Avengers for the same price as a thirty minute Honey West.
24. Much as I hate their stance on torture, it’s still good viewing as we wrap up the final season.
Desperate Housewives. Never as much fun as it was first season, but still entertaining.

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