I’m not stressed.
Ever since I did all that nonfiction back in 2008 (work for an eHow subcontractor, the Managing Your Parents Finances book) and took on Enemy Within and the Big Pulp series last year, I’ve been busy. On top of my 40 hours a week for The Log, it left me strapped for time, working more and more on weekends and more than a little bit stressed.
Now I’m able to do 40 hours a week and have weekends and evenings free. It’s wonderful: I can cook without rushing, read and spend time with TYG (the top priority).
I’m sure sooner or later one of the job applications I keep sending out will come in and I’ll wind up with either a ton of part-time work on top of eHow or a full-time job—but for the moment, the free time is fabulous.

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