Working for eHow

Doing eHow articles is enjoyable, but exhausting.
The exhausting part is because of the ADD quality that comes with from topic to topic in order to make a profitable $/hour rate. Today I’ve at various points researched and written up L2 visas, 501C tax exemptions, protective adaptations in animals, adaptation coaching and legal separation. I’ve learned I have to take regular breaks or I just burn out and start getting sloppy.
The enjoyable part is that it’s interesting; it’s freelance work at a good pay rate; and there’s quite a lot of it. It’s been a while since there was a steady demand for my freelancing, and it makes a nice change—more than I’d make working retail, and it leaves me with more time for my other writing (and still lots of snuggle time with TYG).
So, yay for eHow!

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