More viewing for The Enemy Within

Invaders From Mars is a 1986 remake of the creepy 1953 film in which a small boy discovers that Martians have taken control of his parents, his friends, the police … While there’s some good acting—Timothy Bottoms and Laraine Newman are quite creepy as the possessed parents—the high-powered special effects and spectacular Things Blow Up Real Good climax are a poor substitute for the eerie look William Cameron Menzies gave the original.
Strange Invaders (1983) is supposed to be a tribute to the fifties alien-invasion/body-snatcher films, as Paul LeMat discovers the town where his ex-wife mysteriously disappeared seems to be a hotbed of activity by disguised extraterrestrials. Unfortunately, while it has all the elements, it can’t seem to decide what to do with them: It’s not clever enough for a tribute and not effective enough to be taken straight. Plus, Nancy Allen’s performance as the female lead is awful.
Nowhere Man is an interesting TV series in which Bruce Greenwood steps out of a restaurant for a few seconds, then walks back in to discover nobody knows him, including his wife, his identification is gone and there’s no proof he ever existed. Cut off from everyone he knows, he sets out to learn the secrets of the organization behind it, and why they’re so interested in securing the negative of one of his photos. While a lot of the episodes were pretty dull, enough works that this was worth rewatching (and the sinister conspiracy definitely qualifies for my book).
Threshold is a terrific SF series that died much too soon: Aliens have sent a radio signal that genetically transforms humans into something more than human, with an obsessive desire to spread the infection to others; to stop the “bioforming” of Earth, a crack team headed by Carla Guggino is organized to fight back and control the infection. One I greatly enjoyed rewatching.

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