In the darkness, he looked like a very large dog

As dawn keeps shfiting to later in the morning, we’ve been taking Plushie and Trixie for morning walkies at twilight or sometimes darkness (our community has enough streetlights that it’s safe). On one recent morningd, Plushie decided he wasn’t in the mood so Trixie and I left him and TYG and forged on alone.

We were going through a small subdivision when in the dark under the trees I saw what I thought was a large dog, wandering loose. Drawing closer as the light improved I discovered he was not a dog.That would normally have been it — ooh, dear, cool — but it was a little unnerving he kept staring our way. I’m under the impression deer are not aggressive but if I was wrong — and then suddenly he was charging right at us! Except he wasn’t, he ran right past us and headed into a more deeply wooded area; I’m guessing his staring (if he was really doing that) was mostly about how safe he’d be coming near us.

Trixie, who normally treats deer as part of the land, went ballistic when he ran by relatively close. Not that she had any hope of getting near him but not for the first time I’m glad she’s only ten pounds. Easier to restrain in moments like these.


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