Sad doggies

In hindsight we should have scheduled things better.

First we have Plushie, who as I mentioned last week, is now on cage rest for his back. He does not like being cut off from his family, but perks up a lot when one of us sits in the cage.This week we took Trixie in to get the pins in her back left knee, from an old injury, removed. So now she’s also on restricted movement — not as bad, though — and has to wear the “Elizabethan collar” to keep her from licking at the incision. Here she is on the couch while I’m sitting with Plush Dog. She’d prefer I be on her side of the bars.

Most of the time, though, she’s able to snuggle with one of us, so that keeps her happy.

By the middle of next month, things will be back to normal, though Plushie’s back will inevitably go out again, eventually.


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