Wisp had a sleepover

Last Saturday night, I was able to lure Wisp into the house in the evening and closed the door on her. I wasn’t sure how she’d take it since it’s been several months since she was sleeping inside regularly. Happily, she reacted quite comfortably, going up to the guest bedroom and making her nest on the blanket there. In the morning, she left quickly, but then came back in and snuggled in my lap for a while (the photo below is an older one, but the position hasn’t changed much).

I feel much encouraged by this. Since she started staying out with Snowdrop, I’ve been wondering if we’d lost all the gains we’d made toward making her an indoor cat. Looks like the instincts are still there once she comes inside. I’m happy with this; I usually spend part of the night in the guest bedroom anyway (the dogs sometimes make it hard to sleep in the main bed) and I miss having her there.

It didn’t convert her back to coming in every night, but I’m still pleased.#SFWApro.

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