There comes now raging fire — no, wait, it’s only a North Carolina summer

But that’s plenty hot enough. And it’s forcing me to revise my goals slightly.

I am determined to not only get back to regular bicycling but to get more exercise out of it. A book I read earlier this year discussed the different ways you could train: five minutes fast alternating with five minutes slow; go all out as far as possible, for as long as possible; one minute peak fast, five minutes steady, rinse and repeat; and so on.

Trouble is, it’s really hot here in summer (nothing compared to Ft. Walton Beach, but still). I’m out of practice. And I can’t go out for a ride too early because of the various dog stuffs we have to do in the morning, including walking them. Even with a water bottle it’s sweltering; without one, it’s probably heat exhaustion. I’ve had that once and it’s not pretty.

So I’ve given up on trying anything fancy until fall. Just ride fast enough to get my heart rate up, that should be good enough for now. Because it’s hot. Did I mention it’s hot?

On the plus side of summer, day lilies!#SFWApro.

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