Back from ConCarolinas!

I had a great time, as I usually do at cons. I connected with a number of writers I haven’t seen in two years, had some excellent food and picked up several books by writers I know (I plan to buy a couple more online soon).

As a business venture, it was a flop. Due to the chaotic schedule here the past couple of months I didn’t think to set up a sale table and I mis-scheduled an autograph session opposite a panel so I had to drop the session (I don’t know that anyone would have wanted my autograph, but still). So no books sold and a modest amount of money spent. I’m still glad I went.

It was also a very pretty area. The Hilton is located next to a river or lake and a boardwalk so I got some good photos.I also took some photos of things like this, because I do that.#SFWApro.

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