An elegant affair

So last month TYG decided to throw a party. Rather than do it at our house, she picked the Angus Barn, a local steakhouse (we’re both vegetarians but they’re the kind of place that can adapt). Last Friday she and I and a bunch of friends and some of her colleagues got to dress up for the shindig.Not the best selfie, but it should give you the idea. The Ziploc under my shirt holds the place cards. As you can see, it’s a very cool dining room—They have an impressive wine cellar including some 1800s vintages and some worth more than $20,000 a bottle.No, it’s not that a $23,000 bottle of wine is that good; the sommelier says it’s more for bragging that you’ve bought a $23,000 bottle of wine. I was still impressed. And the wine I did have was good.

The food was excellent — chocolate soufflé for dessert — and the company was good. As TYG and some of the other guests like smoking cigars and I can’t stand them, I left a little before nine and went home to the dogs. TYG made it back later.

It was a very good evening.


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