This was a week. And it had days in it. And I worked on some of them.

Not enough, though. I succumbed to one of my weaknesses — knowing I wouldn’t meet most of my writing goals and that I wasn’t going to make my writing goals, I just threw up my hands and did even less.

I did get a lot of Leaf work done so I’m ending the month in good financial shape. But that was about. TYG and I had some stuff we had to get done Thursday so I blocked the day off for no-writing. When it turned out we were done in a couple of hours I was way out of the zone. My bad.

But now the month ends! The slate is wiped clean! Next week I shall have no excuse! And while I will be taking some time away (blood donation, among other things) I’ve already factored that into my schedule. Victory will be mine!

At least that’s what I tell myself.

Wisp laughs at my confidence, but what does she know?


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