This trick seems to be working, mostly

So the past couple of weekends, I’ve made it a point to stay off my computer almost entirely. I leave it in my upstairs office so I can’t use it unless I head up there to do something. It’s very relaxing and avoids me getting sucked into checking news, doing long blog posts or endlessly scrolling Facebook.

It feels great, but slightly disorienting. I don’t normally spend that much time offline and it’s harder to get used to than I’d have thought. But that’s a good reason to keep at it.

Another problem is that there are a few things I absolutely do have to do online and when I do them I usually end up doing a bunch more. I’m looking for a workaround to that. But it’s still a big break, freeing me up to take longer walks, watch more movies, cook more stuff, etc. So it needs tweaking but the principle is sound.

Now, how about photos of sleeping dogs to kick-start your day?


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