Happy birthday to the wonder dog of the age!

We adopted Trixie and Plushie back in October of 2014. At the time the vet estimated Trixie’s age at eight months which puts her birthday at the end of February. So happy eighth birthday, my sweet little dog!She didn’t look like much in the shelter. Scrawny, under five pounds, a stray someone had found on the street. But she was so energetic I had a feeling she’d be a fun dog to adopt, a little livelier than Plushie, whom we’d also looked at. I knew TYG really liked Plushie but she said we could afford to adopt both. And so we did. And as you can see, she cleaned up well.I had no idea how much I would come to love Trixie, but I did. She’s calmed down a lot but still gets excited when she comes down in the mornings to see me or when TYG comes home from an errand or a walk. And she loves snuggling, much more than I would have guessed. I’m still happy we were able to adopt her, and had the money to give her good treatment when she needs it.She’s my little angel and I love her. Happy birthday, baby girl. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little puppy.#SFWApro.


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2 responses to “Happy birthday to the wonder dog of the age!

  1. Happy Birthday to Trixie! Lambeau is eight, also. He’ll be nine in October. It’s amazing how much they add to your life.

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