More snow, and this time it stayed

The weather predictions went back and forth last week. Snow, one to three inches! No snow but ice and sleet! Both!

Ultimately it was both. It hit Sunday morning ——and was still around early Monday.By Sunday night we had nicely slippery steps but a generous portion of sand made them usable. This morning the steps were fine but the snow that melted in our yard had turned into a sheet of ice. We moved carefully.

Overall, I loved it. It’s not the biggest snowfall I’ve gone through up here but it is a nice demonstration that I live in a state with four seasons. After spending most of my life in Florida, I like that. By the time you read this, we’ll be experiencing another snowfall, probably substantially heavier. I may not be so, er, chill with it. But still, snow!

Wisp stayed in with us. Every time she decided to go out, we opened the door and she changed her mind. Snowdrop didn’t come in but he made it through okay.


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