Giving Thanks

We have two wonderful dogs and modern medicine helps keep them both in good health.

Alien Visitors is done.

TYG is still my wonderful angel.

I was at the doctor last week, convinced that after a month of bad sleep, less than usual exercise and maybe a little bit of stress eating, my stats would look terrible. Nope: weight down, blood pressure good. Cholesterol sucks, but that’s normal.

And I’m really enjoying having the free time to just chill this week.

I still freak out that Republicans are committed to making the United States a one-party banana republic dictatorship and could potentially succeed. But you know what? A lot of them think making liberals miserable is a win, so screw ’em. Happiness in dark times isn’t folly, it’s defiance. I deny them the victory. I hope you do too, at least for today.

As it’s appropriate to show sympathy for the less fortunate at this time of year, I shall conclude with sympathy for this chap from Halloween. I’ve no doubt he hoped to make it to Thanksgiving, but …#SFWApro.

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