How to take good photos

First, keep your eye out for something that makes a good photo. It doesn’t have to be a good visual by anyone’s standards but yours; I take dozens of photos of our dogs that are pretty interchangeable, but I love them.For another example, about a week ago, I went over to let a neighbor’s dog out into their back yard.  I saw a bee crawling around in one of the flowers, snatched out my phone and here’s the result —

Which leads to the second rule for good photos: take them! If you snap a shot and it turns out your finger was on the lens, or you moved too fast and blurred everything, you don’t have to show it to anyone. If you have a camera on your phone, just whip it out.

And the third rule: take lots of photos. I learned this working for a newspaper — the best way to guarantee one usable photo is to take five. I took three of the bee. One of the advantages of digital is that taking lots of photos of the same thing costs nothing. Not taking photos can miss the perfect shot.


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