The cat came back!

Not that Wisp left or anything. She’s been a constant presence this entire year. But this week she’s been coming inside in the evening and sleeping with me in the spare bedroom (I usually wake up in the middle of the night and go in there for the rest of my sleep). It’s the first time she’s done that regularly since the winter ended. I’ve no idea why, though a friend of mine says his cats go through cycles in what they feel like. Which is true of dogs too; for about a month, Trixie’s been coming down to sit with me in the early morning.

It’s a little awkward as morning is my time to clear my head, exercise, meditate and chill without dealing with anyone else. Most of the time Wisp wants attention; Tuesday morning, when she went to sleep on the other couch, was an exception. If I try to exercise, she comes over and demands attention, much like Trixie.

But she’s our cat now, so I’m not going to turn her away. Though I did refuse to let her in when she showed up with some small animal she’d caught (I didn’t find the remains on the deck, so perhaps it got away). Most mornings she doesn’t stay in so long that I can’t get my exercise.

She has gotten very good about sharing the bed, snoozing on one corner while I nap on the other side. There’s kitty litter in a box on the floor, but so far she hasn’t used it.

I don’t know if she’ll ever be a permanent inside cat, but I’m glad we have her around.




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