Confession: I like mugs

Mugs are great. That’s why I have a lot of them.

Mugs can handle anything a glass can handle, but if the contents are hot, it’s much more comfortable picking up my drink by the handle of my mug than the overheated body of a glass.

I have mugs given out by one group or another as swag, some I got as gifts, some I bought because they were neat. My Holmes mug is a prime example of the latter class.

But mugs, like most of our eating and dining stuff, are fragile. They shatter when dropped, or they crack a little from some slight collision, then completely shatter down the road. I think that’s what happened to this one.IIRC, I got this one from a couple of Christian clowns I wrote about for a local magazine back in Florida. I may not have gotten paid — the magazine publisher ran into trouble with his tax bills and figured he could afford to stiff writers more than he could afford to stiff the IRS. But I did get paid for a few stories before that point, so maybe this was one of them (useful tip, if they stop paying don’t write more stuff for them. You’ll end up deeper in the hole).

This would have been about 30 years ago, so this cup had a heck of a good run. Even after it cracked, it survived for somewhere between five and 10 years. Then I picked up recently and the handle just came off. I decided it was beyond repair.

I don’t think cups go over the rainbow bridge, but I wish it the best.


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