Gimme a dog with hair, long beautiful hair!

So last weekend we shaved Plushie down. Here’s his before face.Here’s Plushie after.And here’s my hair-covered self, after.We’d normally have waited until it was a little warmer, but Plushie’ hair has become so horribly matted TYG went ahead while she had some down time. It took a couple of hours due to Plush resistance and the challenge of removing some of the tougher matts.

Much to our distress, Plush Dog has been shivering quite a bit since he lost his insulation. However it’s getting out of the 30s and up into the 60s and 70s this week so I think he’ll be okay.

Trixie did get trimmed, but not severely. She’s not as matted and TYG was worried about messing up her coat gratuitously.  Hopefully by summer we’ll be able to take them to the groomers (Petropolitan) for a professional job

#SFWApro. All photos mine.

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