Your Plush moment of Zen

He’s a cute boy, isn’t he?We’ve been following our rehab clinic’s advice on taking care of both dogs, with middling success. Plushie resists going into a position where we can massage his leg and flex his hip joint. Trixie will do some of the assigned exercises but others, like walking in a figure eight, she’ll just sit or take a short cut. We’re working on solutions. We’re also cutting their diet (probably not enough yet) and keeping Trixie from jumping and climbing too many stairs. After a couple of weeks of therapy they’ll get another assessment and we’ll see how they (and we) are doing.

So far the improvement’s impressive. I haven’t seen Plushie this lively and playful, maybe in years; possibly this has been a problem for a while, just at a low enough level it wasn’t obvious. That makes me feel guilty as a puppy parent, but it’s still sweet to see the change.



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2 responses to “Your Plush moment of Zen

  1. He is a cute lil guy.
    I have the same bit of guilt with Lambeau’s current issues. That dermatitis must have been bothering him well before I noticed it because he was kind of reserved and less active than usual, and I really didn’t register it until the last few days when he’s been feeling better. He positively danced around the street on our walk last night, and for the first time in a while, he brought a toy for us to toss for him while we were sitting at the table relaxing after dinner. He used to do that all the time and when he stopped, I just thought he didn’t want to. Seems more likely the running was bothersome. Ah, well, at least they are both doing better now!

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