Vacation, all I ever wanted!

So last weekend, TYG decided to take a vacation. That’s rare; being in IT, even when we take vacations she often works part of the time. But she’s been way busy lately so she decided to take the Labor Day weekend and most of Friday off. Of course, that didn’t affect our schedule much. We couldn’t go out to dinner (I didn’t think to do takeout), couldn’t go to a movie or a play — well you know how the game is played these days, right? I did pretty much the same things I’d do any weekend: bake bread, play with dogs, read, watch movies, clean a little. TYG did her own projects.

Even so, it was incredibly, amazingly refreshing. TYG was really relaxed and that just washed over me, I guess. It was much more relaxing than any holiday weekend in recent years and more than most of the solo out-of-town trips. Those are fun but I miss TYG a little, and feel somewhat guilty about sticking her with dogs. Neither an issue this weekend.

It didn’t hurt that the weather Sunday morning actually required long pants. I was able to get out my bicycle for the first time in a couple of months (next weekend I’ll need to oil it) which was fun too.

So a great weekend. I hope yours was too. To celebrate, here’s Sheldon Meyer’s Sugar and Spike having some holiday fun of their own.#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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