These are unusual bookshelves

As I mentioned last week, TYG bought a bunch of new bookshelves, which led to putting one of the old ones upstairs in my office. This weekend I got everything more-or-less sorted out. The new bookshelf upstairs holds stuff I’ve written and writing how-to books—Which has created more space on the wire-frame bookshelf next to it, allowing me to spread out my tchotchkes a little.You have no idea how weird it is to look at them. Seriously. I have lots and lots of books and comics and it’s unusual for me not to crowd stuff into every inch of space. But for the moment, at least, I have more than I need. And my book-buying pace has slowed down to the point it may be a while before that changes.

I like sitting in my recliner and working next to the new set-up, but it really does feel strange.


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