Summertime … and the living’s not completely easy

Definitely feeling a touch of cabin fever this week. Not that life has been particularly worse than previous weeks but it would be nice if I could feel safe going and doing … well, anything outside the house. And the realization this will continue for months gnaws at me.

The summer heat is probably contributing. It’s already getting into what i think of as July/August temperatures; global warming being a thing this is not surprising, but it does make the outdoors less fun. We can’t give the dogs a good long walk except in the early morning, and I don’t go bicycling too late in the morning either. Lord knows what it’ll be like in August.

Even food orders may be affected. TYG ordered some food this weekend but even wrapped in insulated bags, the ice cream came out too melty too eat. I put in an order specifically scheduling it for early morning; if there’d been any ice cream, it would not have done much better (the other dairy was warm, but not dangerously so). I’m also stacking  the pantry with extra shelf-stable supplies, because hurricane season’s alreadybusy and if the power goes out, I’d like us able to eat. Still first-world problems, but I’m a first world person so there you are.

Wisp seems to enjoy the heat so far. She’s been lounging on the front steps a lot, which I presume is because they’re comfortably warm. She hasn’t come indoors as much lately, but she’s still willing to enter for brief snuggles and scritches.We’ve also seen the cat we call “Evil Wisp” around for the first time in a while. He got the name because of his similar coloration — back before we got used to Wisp, they looked identical to us, except for Wisp’s cropped ear.The “evil” part came because he seemed to be intent on a turf war with Wisp over our deck and of course we’re on Team Wisp. Here he’s engaged in a staring contest while she sat by her food; I tilted the balance by opening the deck door, which alarmed him but of course doesn’t faze Wisp any. If Evil Wisp keeps showing, we might leave some food in the garden for him — we don’t wish him any harm, we just prioritize Wisp’s well-being.

Hope your summer is looking livable.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine.


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3 responses to “Summertime … and the living’s not completely easy

  1. Sam

    Some cats certainly are evil xD luckily they are cute!

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