Trixie health report: thumbs up

Trixie had her eight-week checkup at the vet and despite her recent leg problems, they say she’s doing great.

Over the next week we can start taking her for longer and longer walks and hopefully a week from now she’ll be completely normal again. Needless to say we are very happy about that projection. However … last night she definitely seemed a little uncomfortable. We think it’s probably that she’s off the pain meds and not used to that feeling (it’s been a couple of months now). The vet says we can give them to her as needed so we’ll see if that’s necessary to keep her happy as we give her longer and longer walks. Figuring out how much she can do will be a challenge, but it’s a welcome one.

Our next pet project will be figuring out what to do with Wisp for the long term. Would she be willing to become an inside cat? If not, we could install a cat door, but TYG’s concerned that even with the best doors, a raccoon or something equally unwanted could force its way in. I can’t think of any other option other than leaving things as they are. I think I’d prefer making her an indoor cat, which keeps her safer, but it’s Wisp’s call too. Above you can see her walking with Plushie early this week. If our dogs could adopt her, I think she’d love being an indoors dog — she likes us, but she loves them.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine.

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