What we do in the quarantine

Grooming our dogs, for one thing. Actually so far it’s only Plushie, as he has a heavier coat and his squishy face means he overheats in summer. Plus he needs regular medicated shampoos, which our doggy day care used to handle for us. But not right now.

So last weekend we bathed him.And before that we trimmed his fur. Here’s most of what we took off him.He was a remarkably good boy during all this. We also need to trim his toenails but we’re nervous of getting down to the sensitive parts so we just trimmed a little.

And I baked bread. TYG had ordered some apples she didn’t get around to eating and I’m somewhat obsessive about not wasting food, so I baked some with raisins and brown sugar and made one of them into raw apple bread (recipe courtesy of Beard on Bread by James Beard)#SFWApro. Photos are mine.

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