TYG and me in quarantine

After a month or so of TYG working at home, things have changed, in good ways. Most notably, we get to talk a lot more.

Not that we haven’t always talked. We’re very verbal and we have a large stockpile of those couple jokes that would make no sense to anyone else. But even though TYG still has lots of work to deal with, she’s eating all her meals at home, frequently with me working in the same room. We walk dogs together, though Trixie can’t go as far as Plushie (the stroller in the photo is to make up for that). TYG doesn’t have to spend time in the morning dressing up for work or driving to the office.

So we have more time to talk. And the Trump Virus gives us lots extra to talk about. Plus talking about the dogs, and each other, and my writing and her work … Her schedule got so crazy last fall I didn’t notice how much less conversation we were having.

Not that this means I’m glad we’re in a pandemic. But I do like it.


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