An angel under the knife

Apparently love, by itself, is not a cure for a busted knee. After three weeks of rest and care, we took Trixie to the vet today and her knee hasn’t healed. So it’s surgery or her knee stays out and eventually becomes prematurely arthritic.

That’s going to be expensive (we can afford it) and it’s going to be a pain in the butt to keep such a lively dog from jumping up and straining her leg. She’s much more patient than plush dog but when we have to put her on cage rest, she’ll probably be miserable. Her whole life is snuggling up next to me and TYG, I hate the thought of her being separated from us, even if we’re right in the room.

But it’s only six to eight weeks from the surgery (yet to be set). We can manage it.  Still, even tbough Park Vets are great, I can’t help but feel a little nervous.

Positive thoughts and prayers welcome.

Oh, between being under the weather and taking a small vacation I didn’t get much work done this week except for Leaf articles, so there’ll be no week in review post this afternoon.


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