Injured puppy!

So last Saturday night, TYG was walking the dogs back into the house. Trixie got entangled in Plushie’s leash, as frequently happens, but this time as they were going up the front steps the leash jerk tumbled Trixie down a couple of steps and she cried out in pain.

Sunday she kept yelping and limping (right-rear leg), didn’t want to eat and didn’t want to bend down to pee. We dithered but finally took her in to the vet. They told us her knee had popped out (that’s not the exact term) so it was now flexing painfully at somewhat random times. We went home with a painkiller, which didn’t seem to help much so we took Trixie back in for X-rays Monday. Nothing else going on but the knee and sure enough the painkillers (plus an anti-inflammatory) have put her back on track. She’s not in pain, though she’s still very wary about crouching to pee (she can hold it in a while). We’re confining her to the couch, with me, caged in so she can’t randomly jump off when she sees Wisp.

She’s a little dopey from the drugs, but otherwise okay. It feels slightly claustrophobic behind the bars (not visible here — we set them up after she showed she was eager to start jumping again), especially when Plushie joins us, but it’s what has to be done. Plushie isn’t taking this well as his playing and tussling with Trixie is sharply restricted. Here you see him trying to stare me into letting him jump on her. He’s mastered Paddington Bear’s “hard stare” but he did not get his way.

This also makes walkies more complicated because I can’t really walk both dogs and watch out for Trixie adequately. So at lunch I put food down for Plushie, then walk Trixie while he’s occupied. Then I bring her in, give her a kong of frozen food, and walk the Plush One. Added frustrations in that both of them want long walks. But I don’t want to leave Trixie alone, and obviously I don’t want her to walk very far.

We’ll go back to the vet next week to see what’s what. If she makes sufficient progress, we’re done, though it will probably happen again eventually. If she isn’t improving enough, the next step is surgery followed by several weeks of cage rest.

Positive thoughts, best wishes and prayers welcome.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine.


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