Shameless Self Promotion for Christmas!

Because it can’t hurt to encourage people to buy my books, right? So here they are, with some links.

Atlas Shagged, a collection of short stories.

Atoms for Peace, set in a world where 1950s SF films (alien invasions! Pod people! Giant bugs) are everyday reality.Sex For Dinner, Death for Breakfast, my book on the James Bond films.

Cyborgs, Santa Claus and Satan, on 20th century made-for-TV specfic films.

The Wizard of Oz Catalog on the Oz books/movies/radio plays/stage plays and comic books.Screen Enemies of the American Way, my look at political paranoia in American movies and TV.

And most recently, Now And Then We Time Travel.I should have two more self-published books out next year. So don’t delay, start collecting my works today! Get the entire set! Everyone on your block will think you’re cool (this statement is for promotional purposes and cannot be treated as a binding commitment by the author).

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holders.

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