The best argument against divine creation of Homo sapiens

The bad design of our teeth.

Okay, maybe that’s not the best argument given the overwhelming tons of evidence that evolution is a scientific fact. But emotionally I think about it every time I go to the dentist, like this week.

A couple of weeks back I noticed one of my molars flaring with pain when the jet from my water pick hit it. The dentist said to wait and see because it might be something minor. I waited. It didn’t improve. I called again. I went in. It turns out I have a fracture at the base of one tooth, so cold and heat are going straight to the nerve. I got a temporary cap and go back for a new one in a couple of weeks.

Seriously, how inept would God be if he was responsible for designing our mouths? I mean, she’s God — I’m sure she could come up with a system that doesn’t involve putting nerves inside teeth that decay and crack. Natural selection, by contrast, doesn’t try for perfect design; all an adaptation has to be is good enough, which our teeth are.

So because natural selection is the reality, I wound up having to get my mouth numbed, and then extra shots when the first wasn’t sufficient. Not. Fun. And more to come when I get the complete crown.

At least my dentist is good and provides as much pain meds as necessary. That hasn’t been true of all of the ones who’ve treated me over the years.

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