Sen. Thom Tillis, Tony Perkins: both a pair of tools

Loyal Trump toady Thom Tillis (one of my two senators) notified me by email (standard mass-mailing, it’s not like we chat) that he’s still backing a bill penalizing local governments that refuse to cooperate with ICE. Given that ICE is not above detaining American citizens or leaving children abandoned by arresting their parents without warning, I think refusal to cooperate with the agency is by far the lesser evil. But of course, I’m not a loyal enabler of white supremacy like Tillis (not that Senator #2, Richard Burr is any better).

Then we have right-wing Christian Tony Perkins who Christiansplains that the reason for all these mass shootings is we teach kids evolution, so they have no morals. Of course we’ve been teaching evolution for decades without that happening — and that’s a good thing. Evolution is a fact, a literal reading of Genesis’ creation story is not. And lots of Christians are okay with that: we know that God’s there whether he personally shaped us out of clay or not. Atheists and agnostics are generally moral people because morality does not require faith in God.

And it’s not like teaching Christianity or putting prayer back in schools would miraculously fix or woes. Some American Christians supported slavery and segregation. Many contemporary Christian conservatives are fine with hand-waving spouse abuse away. And Perkins has very loudly declared that he’s going to support Trump regardless of how immoral the president’s conduct is. He’s hardly in a position to lecture us on morality until he explains his own corruption — but I suspect he’d throw himself off a cliff first (he seems very much the type who loves being holier than thou).




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