The long hot summer

It’s been a high of over 90 degrees for about a week and a half. This absolutely sucks.

Unlike Green Lantern’s situation (evoked by Mike Sekowsky on the cover) it’s hot but not dry. TYG can barely stand even an early morning walk because of the humidity. As a long-time Floridian, I can take the moistness better than TYG; the heat, though, is miserable. My lunch and evening walks with the dogs are very short as flat-faced dogs like Plushie do not do well in heat.

The temperatures are record-setting, according to my cursory research. Our air-conditioning is in good shape (we had a checked a couple of months back) but it’s still struggling to keep up.

I’m sure we can look forward to more of this in the coming years, and worse, as Republicans remain united in opposition to believing in global warming. And even if they did, it may be too late to do much.

For now, though, just waiting for fall. Or at least a break back to normal 80 degree highs.


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