The car and the squirrel

Last Saturday was not good, though in hindsight it had a half-empty/half-full quality to it.

We drove to Whole Foods with our newly repaired car; normally we hit the Sprouts near us, but TYG wanted some stuff we could only get at Whole Foods. As we pulled into a parking space, the Check Coolant light came on and the engine suddenly overheated. We finished our shopping, called AAA and then I took a Lyft home with the food while TYG waited for the tow truck. That was primarily because I had a blood donation appointment later that morning and if I’d been the one to wait, I’d have missed it.

Didn’t help. By the time I got home and put the food away, it was too late. If I’d rescheduled for that morning I couldn’t have done the double-volume donation I wanted (much easier that way, as I get two donations done at once). Plus it’s a dead-cell area and I didn’t want to be out of touch with TYG, just in case. Everything went fine on her end, except the truck took until an hour later than they’d projected to arrive. She rode with them to the dealer, read the service department the riot act and now … well, we’re waiting for a call.

But it could have been much worse. We could have lost all the coolant (when we tried refilling the radiator, it ran out as fast as we poured it in) while we were still on the highway and never got our shopping done.  Or just gone to Sprouts, in which case it might have leaked at some far more inconvenient moment later that weekend. Still, I’d much sooner it hadn’t happened at all, especially after all that time I spent at the dealer last week (on other issues, in case you were wondering).

Then Sunday, TYG (with me helping) put together a cage to protect our tomatoes from Mr. Squirrel. We’ve lost all of them the past two years, and we couldn’t find any cages that looked like they’d work (a lot of them are weighed down by stakes driven into the earth which isn’t an option on the deck). This is actually a couple of wire-frame modular shelving kits radically reworked for our purposes. I’m optimistic it’ll work. Time will tell.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine.

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