Slime molds and death (no, not cause and effect)

I spent this weekend traveling and came back Monday. I was behind enough that I didn’t have time to write a post for today (I didn’t take my computer so I couldn’t do it while I was gone), so it’s another photo-centric post.

Fist off, we had a slime mold in our yard (dog vomit slime mold probably — that’s descriptive, not the result of dog vomit). Slime molds are weird creatures something like abnormally large amoebas. When they get ready to spore and multiply, they form the body above. The spores popped out and it went away.

Now, the death: a week or so back, I took a walk down Woodcroft Parkway and discovered a small family graveyard from the 19th century, sitting near a cable company building.

Cool stuff. Or so I think.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine, credit me if you use them.

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