Wisp returns!

Since last week, Wisp has resumed her regular schedule, showing up for morning and evening feedings. The similar-looking cat that was swiping her meals has only showed up a couple of times since then. Last night she and Wisp had a snarl-off audible inside the house; when I checked on the deck, Wisp was sitting calmly near our door and the other cat was squatting back on the railing before disappearing into the night. It doesn’t look like the stranger can scare her off, so did Wisp stop showing up because the other cat ate her food? Was someone else feeding her for a while?

Either way, it’s nice to have “our” cat back. We’ve adjusted our schedule slightly, waiting until we actually see Wisp to put out the food, rather than risk her rival getting to it.

Here’s Wisp staring in at us from the table over her little heated enclosure (it’s not waterproof, the table keeps the rain off)>

She’s still very keen to meet our dogs. We haven’t let that happen yet.

For a bonus, here’s a shot of Trixie, because who doesn’t need to see things like this on a Friday?

#SFWApro. Photos are mine, please credit if you use.

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