Me, the early years

So during last year’s visit to Florida, I acquired my baby book from among Mum’s leftovers (stored in my sister’s bedroom). As it was my birthday Monday, I thought I’d share fascinating insights into my past.

I was born at 10:46 PM, weighing seven pounds, 5.5 ounces and stretching a magnificent 21 inches long (that’s actually a third of my height now). I had blond hair and blue eyes, which changed to brown and hazel within a few years.

I started liking nursery rhymes at six months old and subsequently became a fan of that classic novel, The Dog Goes Woof.

At six months I had no interest in TV except commercials. By a year old, I was hooked.

Foodwise I loved milk, bananas and Farley’s Rusks. “Rusk” was actually my first word, to which I soon added “butter,” car” and “Teddy.” By a year old I was eating everything I could, which surprises me — my earliest memories are of me as a picky eater.

I got vaccinated against whooping cough, polio and smallpox (take that anti-vaxxers!). I did come down with diptheria at 11 months, which TYG boggles at — she’s never heard of anyone she knows having diptheria.

At six months I got around by rolling. At nine months I crept, at ten months I started walking.

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