Wisp at the window

So the past month or so, Wisp looks almost like she wants to come in when we put down her food. I suspect if I just opened the door and gave her space (she’s still leery of humans) she’d happily come in and explore. Which we don’t let her, because the dogs are here and we’re not sure how they’d take it. Or how she’d take to them.

This week, she took to staring in like the world’s cutest, loneliest cat.

And bapping at the window when she saw me inside.

If it wasn’t for the dogs, she’d be welcome. But they don’t seem particularly friendly, and testing whether they could be might end up with one of them getting a bite or a scratch. So we’re trying to stay firm and not let her in, though we sure feel guilty about it.

#SFWApro. Images are mine, please credit if you use them.

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