I never remember to take photos

So last weekend I attended Illogicon once again. As usual I had a great time. As usual I didn’t take many photos. And a lot of them were the kind of photos I could take anywhere. Well, anywhere with a parking garage.

I did get a shot of the Author Dating Game I participated in. Modeled on the old Dating Game date show, this has each contestant play a character from their work, answering a contestant’s questions. Whoever she picks gets to give her the relevant book.

Above we see Natasha Barron (r.), Sam Bryant and the guy in the hat and wig (I forget his name). In the second round I played Steve from Atoms for Peace. It was a lot of fun, though as Steve’s attached to Dani, the dating part didn’t go so well (I didn’t think we’d be approaching as literal dating). I didn’t get picked but I had fun. And later in the weekend I sold two copies (plus a copy of Now and Then We Time Travel).

I moderated one panel (how do we capture the strange attitudes of the past) and sat in on several. I was supposed to do a reading Saturday but oops — I was reading from Atoms for Peace and guess what? I sold both the copies I brought. So I had nothing to read from. But I consider that a fair trade. Doubly so because my voice, as usual, was straining. I think twenty to forty minutes of reading would have done me in.

I also hung out with various authors I knew — writer/publisher John Hartness, Gail Z. Martin, Tracy Deonn Walker (her first book comes out this year or next) and Michelle Berger plus Allegra Gullino and Ada Brown of my writing group. And got to talk with several new people (Alexandra Christian, Lauren Harris). Plus I picked up a few books in the dealer room (and some jewelry for TYG).

Because it looked like the weather could turn very nasty, I took Lyft back and forth. Pricey, but deductible. And if a car has to crash, better it not be mine. It was a different hotel from the one Illogicon’s used in the past (that one’s being renovated) which worked out well in one way — they had a Starbucks so I could get hot tea when I needed it.

All in all, it was very nice weekend. Bonus points for not losing my voice. Extra bonus because TYG was out of town and we boarded the pups so I enjoyed my down time at home completely alone.

#SFWApro. Images are mine. Cover by Zakaria Nada.



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