Peter Pan, Roy Lichtenstein, Samuel Clemens and copyright: links

The stage play Peter Pan has something unique about it: a copyright that never ends.

Judge Richard Posner presided over several noteworthy copyright cases.

Samuel Clemens, advocate for copyright rights.

What can you do if your books are pirated and sold as ibooks? Not much.

A woman criticizes her homebuilder in a blog post. Someone copies and pastes the material, then demands the original post be taken down for violating copyright.

Before the Internet, before DVD and VHS, there was still film piracy.

Roy Lichtenstein became a pop art star by turning images like Irv Novick’s panel above into (supposed) high art that “he” created. How did the original artists feel about this?

A possible breakthrough in a longstanding digital-music rights dispute.

On the merits of registering copyright.

Potential problems with Europe’s new copyright laws.

Speaking of new laws, the CLASSICS Act gives artists who recorded before 1972 a share of digital royalties. Some like the idea, some hate it.

Drawbacks to the right of publicity as currently conceived.

The creator of a Forest of Light exhibit tried and failed to derail an imitator with a trademark claim.

A music professor posted some public domain Beethoven recordings to YouTube. Google’s infringement-spotter insisted they were copyright protected and demanded he take them down.

#SFWApro. Image by Irv Novick, all rights remain with current holder.

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