One Loveseat, Furnished With Dogs

Our couch was old.

As in, TYG got it back in the 1990s right after college. You can see it below, on the curb, but that doesn’t do the sheer rattiness justice.

Age is no big deal for us. Neither of us is into spending money just to have fashionable furnishings. But it was getting kind of lumpy and squishy (though my friend Cindy, during her visit, pronounced it great to sleep on) and it’s also got patches of exposed fluff which the dogs could easily swallow (Trixie’s gone in to the vet with a stomach of “unidentified fluff” though not from that source). So we decided to replace it, along with our easy chair, which is almost as old and not as comfortable.

While TYG delegates a lot of household stuff to me, this decision was aesthetic so it was primarily hers. After checking out some local stores she went online and found a love seat and a chair that seemed to work. She showed ’em to me; I agreed. Part of the appeal of the chair is that it should be wide enough to hold me and bothd dogs. It’s really frustrating when I’m in the chair, Plush is in my lap and I can’t make space for Trixie if she wants to join us.

The new love seat arrived Tuesday. Due to Hurricane Florence, our garbage pickup had been pushed back a day which was providential: we hadn’t missed the Large Items pick-up day so we had the delivery guys take the old couch to the curb. Kind of sad to see it disposed of so summarily … but not really. And thank goodness the timing was right: watching them struggle with it, I can’t imagine TYG and I pulling it off, even if we asked our neighbors to help.

The dogs were freaked out enough that we had DUDES IN THE HOUSE!! And that I wouldn’t even let them get under foot and demand petting. Then they came up and began sniffing at the new couch, wondering what the hell it was, and eventually deciding they approved. And so now they and we are adapting.

I knew the new love seat would be smaller than the couch, as did she, but we didn’t really visualize what that would feel like or be like to use. If I have the dogs on either side of me, it’s fine, but if Plushie’s in my lap, it’s really difficult to fit my lap desk to the side as I usually do. I wind up typing with my desk and keyboard at a very awkward angle (though I manage it). It’s also trickier to take naps with the dogs and fit us all in.  And to fit in the ramps up to the couch, we have to keep the coffee table a little further away, making it harder to rest anything on it.

All of which can be worked around. I’ll be doing some rearranging once we get the chair in and I’m confident we can find an optimum arrangement.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine. And yes, I know I didn’t actually show the love seat furnished with the pups, but hopefully soon.


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