And call the kitty .. Wisp!

Ever since we found the kittens in our compost bin, TYG has been putting out food for the momma cat, who’s still in the neighborhood. We’d talked about taking her to Independent Animal Rescue for neutering, and finally last week TYG saw her on the deck out back. She looked really skinny which touched TYG’s heart, so we decided to forge ahead and take her to last Sunday’s spay/neuter clinic (they do it two Sundays a month).

Friday we picked up a trap from my friend and fellow author Heather Fredericks, who volunteer with IAR. We set it out with tuna fish; early Saturday morning, when it was raining, I got up to check.

Got her! And put her under the deck for protection from the rain.

She was not happy. And had actually bloodied her nose pushing against the trap. Saturday morning, we got her to the volunteer vet. Tuesday we picked her up.

She’d been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and deflea’ed. And her bloody nose had been treated. As she’s feral she can’t be adopted, so the best we can do is bring her back to her home turf. She sat in the trap, mewing plaintively until we opened it. Then she just sat in the trap.

As soon as we went indoors, she bolted. But she came back for the food, not that we saw her.

Given that she’s grey and hard to spot, I named her Wisp.  We’ll do our best to keep her fed, and we’re researching some sort of cat shelter we can put out for the winter months.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine.


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