The Avengers, the Middleman and a ninja doctor: graphic novels

I loved Mark Waid’s work on Flash and most other characters but his Avengers work? Not so much. AVENGERS/CHAMPIONS: Worlds Collide by Waid and various artists has one of the current Avengers teams and the Champions (a team of ex-Avengers, I gather) joining forces when the High Evolutionary plots to put Counter-Earth on a collision course with our Earth. Part of the problem is that too many characters speak like Waid’s Wally West; a bigger one is that the High Evolutionary and Counter-Earth have no resemblance to any past version (the one from Warlock has been destroyed). And any time a superhero comic book makes a big thing of “that can’t happen because, physics,” I just roll my eyes.

THE MIDDLEMAN: The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Hans Beimler and Armando M. Zinker adapts the script for what would have been the final episode of the delightful TV series. Tech entrepreneur Manservant Neville’s new UMaster has been distributed to millions of people around the world — but what does it actually do? Spoiler: Nothing good. This resolves the relationship between Lacy and the Middleman (the big loose end from the series) but not the way I’d have preferred. And Wendy does spent a lot of time tied up instead of participating in the heroics. Still, this was a fun farewell; I’ll pick up the second farewell, in which the TV and comics Wendy meet up, some time down the road. And thanks to Atomic Junkshop for letting me know this was out there.

ADVENTURES OF DR. MCNINJA: Night Powers by Christopher Hastings, Benito Cereno and Les McClaine (who also worked on some of the Middleman comics) is the hard copy of a webcoming I’ve been following for some time. Dr. McNinja is indeed a doctor, but he’s also a ninja; here he deals with bandits on velociraptors, a tennis match to save the world, archfoe King Radical and a sparkly motorcycle that’s actually an evil unicorn. This is a gloriously loonie series and I’m delighted some of its available in print.

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