April Goals: 57 percent

Less satisfying than January or February, but better than March.

I got most of my writing goals accomplished, which was great. I didn’t submit Questionable Minds but I should have that done this week. I’m nowhere near finding a cover for Atoms for Peace, though. Time to start hunting for an artist. And I didn’t make the time to post at Atomic Junkshop as I’d planned.

My nonwriting goals? Not so good. I kept up the most important ones, like wearing sunscreen, bicycling regularly (though not as many long rides as I wanted)and putting more emphasis on fruits and vegetables in my cooking (even with a vegetarian diet, it’s easy to skimp on them). But I bought as many books as I read (I’m working on going in the other direction so when I buy a book it won’t sit on the shelf for four months), and almost as many of my unwatched DVDs as I viewed (same. I just feel silly if I spend the money and don’t watch them). And by the end of the month, I got way more stressed out than I wanted to. Everything I try to do with mindfulness and meditation practice just flew out the window. I got so wiped I even fell behind on my cleaning schedule, which is rare — I don’t do a lot, but I usually accomplish what I plan to do.

Checking over my goals for the year, I see that with one-third gone, several projects I want to work on — some research for nonfiction books, a couple of personal things — haven’t gotten anywhere. That’s a combination of all the deadline stuff I’ve been working on for Leaf and Screen Rant; having a lot of activity on the weekends; sick dogs, social events, travel; and TYG sometimes working late. It’s a lot harder to focus on anything when I’m dealing with the pups on my own.

Plus, of course, I had a pretty large goal list.

As I have no travel in May and a relatively light weekend schedule of activities, I’ll see if things improve.

One of my minor goals is to periodically flip through my old photos. Having read through my hard-copy albums last year, I’m now going through digital ones. Here’s a couple of Bactrian camels from the Gulf Breeze Zoo, a picture I took in 2008. Below that, a siamang with its throat pouch at full expansion.


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