The answer is “No!”

As No More Mr. Nice Blog says, Trump voters in rural America will stick by Trump even if his trade war hurts them. As noted in the post and the comments, Republican voters didn’t give Obama credit for boosting the economy; I remember in the 1990s, conservative pundits routinely credited Reagan for the booming economy, while ignoring that this would make him responsible for the Bush I recession. (It’s not just the working/middle class; the business class may dislike Trump but they’re still supporting him).

As several bloggers have pointed out since 2016, opposition to Trump that consists of being “troubled” or not approving of him doesn’t mean shit if you continue to support him. Rep. Matt Gaetz may be more rabidly supportive of Trump, but grudging support’s not any better. But why would they oppose a guy whose policies are solidly conservative?

I also agree with NMMNB that no, Trump’s corruption isn’t an issue either: “drain the swamp” means to get rid of liberals, not to actually fight corruption or stop Scott Pruitt cutting deals with people he regulates (though crossing his boss may soon make Pruitt a non-person). Liberals took away the glorious white male supremacy America used to bask in, so everything liberal is bad, including environmentalism.

Heck, right-wing pundits still blame liberals for Trump’s election. And many on the right are still seething that David Hogg got some of radio conservative Laura Ingraham’s advertisers to drop her (David Hogg, he’s so vicious! And he may have been working with the shooter!). Or that liberals have criticized Roseanne for being a Trumpite (I may post about this again, but I must say I liked the first episode). I’m sure conservatives’ commitment to free speech means they’ll criticize Sinclair Broadcast Group’s enthusiasm for propaganda. Haha, of course they won’t. Just like they’d still be ruining the country as much as possible if Clinton won.

Anti-gay activist Brian Brown wants us to know that the suffering he’s experienced for opposing gay marriage is just like Jesus. Right-wing pastor Chuck Baldwin thinks owning an assault rifle is a Biblical commandment. Alex Jones … well it’s scary people listen to him.

To end on an up note, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has conceded he has to hold special elections even if Republicans lose them. And an alt-right activist says the movement is falling apart. For example, one particularly nasty group is collapsing because some Nazis object to being Satanists.

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