Before and after Mysticon.

So Wednesday and Thursday last week, as I mentioned yesterday, I stayed with my friends Sam and Roxanne Koogler (Roxanne being, as they say, my sister from another mother) before heading to Mysticon. It’s the first time I’ve seen Roxanne since my wedding, and the first time I’ve seen Sam in even longer.

The flight up would have been a snap if I could have gone straight from Raleigh to Roanoke, but instead I had to jump to Philadelphia, then back down to Roanoke Airport (above, with mountains in the background). Still once I got there I got to hang with my friends, relax, belly scratch their dog Arthur, head scratch their cat (does not like belly scratches), eat and read. They have a lot of books, so I borrowed some.

They also have a beautiful view from the porch/gazebo

And from my bedroom window it’s kind of eerie in the morning.

That was a good couple of days.

The trip home afterwards? Not so much.

After getting to the airport at six for my eight o’clock flight, it got delayed. We took off at 9:30, a very rough, bumpy flight to LaGuardia. When we touched down they couldn’t get the bridge to walk right so we had to disembark via steps in a cold, nasty rain. My flight had left but they’d booked me a backup flight. Unfortunately instead of getting in a little after 12, I’d be arriving at 2:30, which made me feel I’d wasted my time leaving so early. Then again, just imagine how late I’d have made it home to Raleigh if the delays continued.

To top that off, my backup seat was in front of a bulkhead so I had to put my computer in the overhead compartment — I hate that. And it was several compartments back, so I wasn’t able to get off until most of the plane had disembarked and I could get back there. Oh, and the guy next to me was a big mass of muscle who without even trying overflowed into my seat space. I know he couldn’t help it, but that was uncomfortable.

But I made it home. Refreshed and revived from my trip. The good memories will outlast the annoyances. To close, here’s me scratching a cat.

#SFWApro. If you use any photos, please credit me.

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