Fruits and veggies (#SFWApro)

I eat reasonably healthy, but one of my goals for 2018 was to eat a lot more fruit and veggie-centric meals. That, of course, raises the question, just what constitutes “centric?”

While goals are supposed to be quantifiable, my answer to this one isn’t — basically I know it when I see it.

The vegetarian lasagna I made recently, for example, doesn’t qualify. It’s got quite a bit of veggies but it’s mostly cheese and tofu-meat. The veggie soup I made the same weekend though? Totally qualifies.

Fruit-wise, the pumpkin pudding I made with dried fruit mixed in qualifies. Eating fruit for at least half my snacks in a week qualifies.

Most desserts don’t qualify either. The delicious German apple pancake below, that I made New Year’s morning? Fruit-centric, but way too butter and sugar-heavy for me to count it as healthy eating. I could make it healthier, but as I only make it once or twice a year, why not go all out?

You can find the recipe, if you’re curious, in the book Vegetarian Epicure.

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