Christmas comes but once a year. This year, that’s a good thing (#SFWApro)

Cliff notes version: Sunday night TYG had a slight injury, but very painful. We got no sleep (she had pain, I had worry) and this morning, when things hadn’t improved, we spent two-plus hours at urgent care. Fortunately everything seems to be on the mend (it’s nice to live in the “City of Medicine.”).

After that we came back, I finally had breakfast and then we began opening presents. TYG’s from me were mostly books, but also some bath bombs (she likes bath stuff), plus the toffee bars I made for her last night. Mine were heavily geared to gift cards, plus a calendar for 2018. And my friend Ross sent me a two-film DVD dealing with criminal mastermind Dr. Mabuse, whose movies I’m going to rewatch during the coming year.

After that, a nap, a long walk with the dogs and then our perennial viewing of A Christmas Story.

So despite exhaustion and a lot of stress, we hit the Christmas highlights (though my german apple pancake got reinvented as an apple crisp, to save time and effort). And any Christmas with TYG, Trixie and Plush Dog beats a calm, stress-free Christmas without them.

Below the front of the calendar, showing the programs for various classic Broadway shows (all rights to cover remain with current holders).

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