Not much reading to review (#SFWApro)

But mostly because several books have been or will be given their own blog post.

J2: Secrets and Lies by Tom DeFalco and Ron Lim (cover by Lim, all rights remain with current holder) is set in the M2 universe where DeFalco’s Spider-Girl series took place. Here, Juggernaut’s son Zane Yama discovers he’s inherited his long-lost father’s powers, transforming back and forth to Juggernaut. As Juggy or J2, he’s one of the most powerful heroes around, but as Zane he’s just a high-school nerd. Which is the weakest thing about the book — it’s a stock teen hero set-up, nowhere near as fresh as May Parker’s happy, successful teen life. On the plus side, Juggy’s intereaction with other superheroes is great, from his friendship with Dr. Strange’s replacement, Doc Magus (May’s world is about 15 years ahead of the regular MU so there’s a lot of turnover) and his concern he might actually hurt the Hulk if he goes all out.

MASTERS OF HORROR: William Hope Hodgson collects several short stories by the creator of The House on the Borderland, all except “The Terror of the Water Tank” built around the sea and ships. Despite a similar formula in several yarns (if you’re trapped in a Hodgson story, do not investigate any mysterious derelicts you find floating in the sea) they don’t feel repetitive as some single-author collections can; the monstrous sea serpent of “A Tropical Horror” is just one of several hair-raising monsters herein.


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